Links to:

Medjugorje, the whole story and all of Our Lady’s public messages:

The Mary Page, Catholic:

Maria Kannon Zen Centers in Texas, Zen meditation for Christians and Buddhists, run by Ruben Habito, formerly a Jesuit priest:

Mercy Center, retreat center near San Francisco, run by the Sisters of Mercy, includes Christian Zendo, Christian-Buddhist practice courses, Centering Prayer, Taize services, and much more:

An organization that seeks to establish Mother Mary's role as co-redemptrix with Christ as official Catholic dogma. This would further support her power and influence. You can sign a petition to the Vatican at this site:

China Galland is the Mother and Grande Dame of Black Madonna lovers in the USA. Her website is:

Places of Peace and Power: Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Traditions of the World. Anthropologist and National Geographic photographer Martin Gray has visited and photographed more than 1000 sacred places in 80 countries. This web site features hundreds of lovely photographs, locations of sacred sites around the world, extensive bibliographies and a rich selection of related links:

An interesting site about "the woman dressed in the sun" and related iconography.

Thinking of becoming a minister? This site has lot's of informtion:

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