Black Madonna Meditation

by Ella Rozett

1: Notice your breath in your body.

2: Allow it all the space it wants.

3: Bring awareness to your feet…… your belly…….. your heart…….. your face, softening tension wherever you find it.

4: Notice how the breath comes in from the universe, entering through the nose and every pore of your skin. It flows into your lungs, mingles with your blood, and goes to every cell of your body.

5: Out of the union of divine infinity and compassion arises in front of you a Dark Mother for you. She may come in the form of a Black Madonna, a goddess such as Kali or Isis, a sphere of motherly, dark energy, your deceased grandmother, etc.

6: Breathe her darkness into you. See where it wants to go, what it wants to do for or to you.
Don’t be afraid. Surrender to whatever wants to happen. Even if she wants to devour you, she’ll spit you back out in her image.

7: When things are calm or as needed, repeat her mantra (Hail Maries or whatever mother mantra you prefer).

8: When you feel done, end with sending Her blessing to all beings.